When Should You Go to a Doctor After a Dog Bite?

When Should You Go to a Doctor After a Dog Bite?

You should go to the doctor immediately after a dog bite. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that one serious concern after getting bit by a dog is the risk of infection. By neglecting to seek medical care, a small infection can quickly escalate into a life-altering condition. 

You should always follow your doctor’s orders after getting bit. Do not stop taking your medications or neglect to attend your follow-up appointments, as these measures could negatively affect your health. 

Going to the Doctor Immediately After Getting Hurt is in Your Best Interest

Aside from the obvious impact of a dog bite – like blood loss, torn ligaments, and puncture wounds – many of the biggest concerns about a dog bite are not visible to the naked eye. 

A dog’s mouth is full of germs. When these germs make their way into the human body, a range of concerns can arise. An affected person can develop skin infections and experience inflammation. 

Going to the doctor immediately after a dog bite can deliver the following benefits: 

A Doctor Can Diagnose and Treat Your Condition

Stitches, bandages, and medications are just three of the things that could treat a dog bite. However, some of these treatments are only available through a physician. While over-the-counter medications could reduce the risk of infection, you will want a trained professional to evaluate your condition. 

One of the biggest concerns people have after being bitten by dogs is contracting rabies. All dogs, cats, and ferrets must be vaccinated for rabies, according to information from the State of Indiana. However, some pet owners do not follow through with this obligation. 

A doctor can determine whether you are at risk of contracting rabies and provide medical care as necessary. 

Information from Your Doctor Can Support Your Potential Case

If you or a loved one was bitten by a dog, you could have a case for compensation against the owner of the dog. Indiana follows the “one bite” rule. This means that you could have a case for damages even if the dog did not have a history of aggression. 

Despite this information, you may need evidence to supplement your case. By seeking medical attention, the following documentation can prove that you were hurt by the dog in question: 

  • Your medical records
  • Photos of your injuries
  • Testimony from your healthcare team
  • The names of your prescribed medications 
  • The dates of your appointments 
  • Imaging scan results 

By seeing a doctor immediately after being bitten by a dog, you can gather evidence to support your personal injury case. 

You Have Legal Options After Being Bitten by a Dog

You could file a claim or lawsuit after being bitten by a dog. Many aspects of your case will depend on your situation. For instance, if you were bitten at a neighbor’s house, you could recover compensation through their homeowner’s insurance policy.

Additionally, you could be eligible to recover the following types of damages: 

  • Medical bills. The cost of treating a dog bite injury can get expensive—even with health insurance. Yet, the cost of addressing your condition is compensable. 
  • Pain and suffering. Not only can being hurt negatively impact your mental health, but it could also cause complications like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Your physical and emotional pain can be included as part of your case.
  • Lost income. If you had to miss work because of your impairment, you could recover compensation for your lost wages, benefits, and tips. 

These are just a handful of the damages that you could recover through a successful case. While most dog bite injury claims are completed through settlements, if you need to litigate your case, then you have two years from the date of the incident to do so, per IC § 34-11-2-4

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Our team believes that if you were bitten by a dog, you deserve to seek a financial recovery for your damages. The founder of our firm, Randall Sevenish, has been helping injured people since 1985. 

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