Indiana Motorcyclist Guide: Protecting the Biker 101

Free Ebook Helps Indiana Motorcyclists Protect Themselves And Explore Options After An Accident

Motorcycle accidents are a regrettably common occurrence in Indiana. In fact, there were more than 3,500 collisions involving motorcycles in 2013 alone, many of which resulted in injury, property damage and even fatalities, according to Indiana’s Traffic Safety Facts for Motorcycles.

However, the prevalence of motorcycle crashes doesn’t mean that motorcyclists should have to give up their beloved pastime. Carrying sufficient insurance coverage and employing helpful safety tips can go a long way in keeping you and your family physically and financially protected, both before and after an accident.

At Sevenish Law, we understand the joys of hopping on your motorcycle and hitting the open road, as well as the challenges this can bring. We’re motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves, which is why we wrote Indiana Motorcyclist Guide: Protecting the Biker 101.

This Free helpful ebook includes tips and resources for motorcyclists, information on different types of insurance coverage, and answers questions about:

  • The differences between motorcycle accident cases and car/truck accident cases
  • The most common causes of motorcycle accidents
  • What damages can be sought in motorcycle accident lawsuits or insurance claims
  • The benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer with experience handling motorcycle accident cases
  • Dealing with underinsured or uninsured motorists
  • Other topics involving this special form of transportation

As a former police captain with 30 years of experience helping accident victims and handling personal injury cases, Attorney Randy Sevenish and his skilled legal team assist motorcyclists in exploring their legal rights and pursuing compensation after an accident. Considering becoming a client? You can count on your case receiving the attention it deserves, thanks to Sevenish Law’s commitment to its Clients First® Bill of Rights.

Download your free copy of Indiana Motorcyclist Guide: Protecting the Biker 101 today for essential information that you can use to ensure that you and your family are protected in the event of a motorcycle accident. Have questions about your motorcycle insurance coverage or a potential motorcycle accident claim? Contact our Indianapolis law office to schedule a complimentary initial consultation!

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