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A burn injury can be devastating for the victim and his or her family members. The injury may require extensive medical treatment, lead to a permanent Indianapolis burn injury lawyerdisability, prevent one from working, cause physical scarring and disfigurement and trigger anxiety and depression. Family members may also suffer due to the loss of the victim’s income, services, and companionship.

The Indianapolis burn injury lawyers at Sevenish Law Firm know how challenging life can be for burn injury victims. We also appreciate the desire to seek justice when the injury has been caused by the careless or reckless conduct of another.

For nearly three decades, our personal injury attorneys have represented burn injury victims and their families in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana with integrity, honor, and discipline. We want to help you, too. Contact our burn injury attorneys in Indianapolis today and arrange for a free consultation about your case. We can explain your rights and the options you have for seeking compensation that will assist in your recovery.

How Burn Injuries Occur

If Sevenish Law Firm takes on your case, our Indianapolis burn injury lawyers will thoroughly investigate it to determine the cause of the burn injury and who should be held accountable.

Unfortunately, burn injuries rarely result from pure “accidents” – meaning no one is to blame. Instead, they are the products of the negligent or otherwise wrongful conduct of others, including:

  • Drivers who cause car, motorcycle or truck accidents
  • Employers who fail to provide proper training, supervision or safety equipment
  • Home or apartment residents who leave hot items on a stove or lit items such as candles or cigarettes unattended
  • Home or apartment owners and landlords who fail to inspect and maintain electrical wiring or who fail to provide proper smoke alarms and fire exits
  • Doctors, nurses or other medical professionals who expose patients to harmful radiation
  • Manufacturers who allow dangerous and defective products to enter the market or who fail to provide proper warnings about fire hazards.

The above parties may potentially be liable for a burn injury lawsuit, which would seek compensation for the victim’s losses.

Consequences of a Burn Injury

The amount of compensation sought on your behalf in an Indianapolis burn injury claim by Sevenish Law Firm will largely depend on the extent of harm you have suffered. A burn injury may be categorized as:

  • First-degree – A “superficial” burn that damages the outer layer of the skin, heals relatively quickly and leaves little or no scarring
  • Second-degree – A “partial thickness” burn that reaches the second layer of skin tissue and may cause scarring, cellulitis (skin infection) or contractures (tightening of skin and muscle tissue that can severely limit movement)
  • Third-degree – A “full thickness” burn that reaches the fatty layer beneath skin tissue and destroys nerve cells
  • Fourth-degree – A possibly fatal burn injury in which the burn reaches bones, muscles and tendons

Depending on the degree of the burn, a victim may suffer extreme pain, scarring, and disfigurement, skin loss, bone loss, nerve damage or soft tissue damage. The victim may also suffer damage to the lungs or internal organs due to inhaling smoke. As a result, heart and lung failure may occur. Infections are also common and may be taken into account by an Indianapolis burn injury attorney.

A burn injury victim may also need to undergo treatment that includes debridement (removing dead skin tissue), skin grafting (replacing damaged or destroyed tissue with healthy tissue from another part of the body) or plastic surgery. Compression therapy may be needed to treat contractures. Amputations could be ordered to save a victim’s life. Oral and topical medication may also be required for infections.

Additionally, a burn injury victim may need to undergo long-term physical and occupational therapy or mental health counseling that is aimed at getting the victim’s life back to “normal.” However, despite counseling, the victim may be unable to return to work – or at least to the job he or she once had.

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At Sevenish Law Firm, our goal will be to recover all losses associated with your burn injury, including all past and future medical expenses, lost past and future income, pain and suffering and emotional distress the burn injury has caused. We will also seek to recover for any losses suffered by your family members.

As a former police officer, attorney Randall “Randy” Sevenish understands how to conduct careful investigations of burn injuries. He also works closely with fire investigation specialists, medical experts, life-care planners and others who can help to determine why a burn injury occurred and the amount of harm it has caused.

The Sevenish Law Firm will prepare a solid case on your behalf to present to the responsible party’s insurance company while making a demand for a full and fair settlement. If needed, our law firm will be ready to fight for you in court.

Indianapolis Burn Injury Lawyer

Our Indianapolis burn injury lawyer represents burn injury victims with the integrity, honor and discipline they deserve. We are aggressive in protecting their rights and in seeking just compensation for them. To schedule a free consultation, simply call us today or contact us online. You will pay no attorney fees unless you recover compensation.

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