Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyer

Vehicle accidents are unfortunately common, but each victim suffers the effects differently. Some people will be forced to battle insurance companies to get fair payment for their totaled vehicles, many face overwhelming medical costs, and nearly all will suffer lost time from work during their painful recoveries. Whatever difficulties they may face, all people need sound advice and guidance from an experienced attorney that will allow them to move on.

Dealing with insurance companies, medical costs and injuries should not be done alone. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, please contact an accident lawyer Indianapolis today.

Counsel and Representation for Indianapolis Car Accident Injury Victims

Our experienced auto accident lawyer in Indianapolis can take over the fight on your behalf, allowing you the time you need to heal. We believe in providing comprehensive legal counsel, aggressively protecting our clients’ interests, and examining every detail of the crash case to determine who should be held responsible. Contact us today to discuss your case with an accident attorney.

There are many different ways a crash can occur, but most involve some degree of negligence. Our Indianapolis car accident attorneys can help you get justice for an accident caused by:

  • Reckless driving. Speeding, aggressive driving, and failure to follow the rules of the road cause thousands of accidents across the country. We can help you file a claim against an at-fault driver, a driver’s insurance company, or an at-fault driver’s employer if the driver was working at the time of the crash.
  • Drunk driving. Impaired drivers have decreased reaction times and poor control over their vehicles, causing many to speed, crossover center lines, or even fall asleep at the wheel. We examine police accident reports and request breath or blood test results to determine if a driver was drunk or drugged at the time of your accident, and may be able to hold the driver or a bar that over-served him responsible for the crash.
  • Distracted driving. Despite the dangers that texting or talking on a cell phone while driving may cause, millions of drivers continue to engage in these dangerous activities. We rely on police reports, eyewitness testimony, social media activities, and other evidence to establish that a driver was not giving his full attention to the road.
  • Automotive defects. Defective tires, faulty airbags, and flawed ignition switches are just a few of the recent poorly-made auto parts that have gained attention in recent years. Dozens of vehicles and auto parts are recalled every year in the U.S. due to potential safety risks, and we can help you hold the manufacturer of a defective vehicle or auto part responsible for causing injury.
  • Poor road conditions. Slippery hills, uneven grades, and deep potholes can easily cause a driver to lose control of a vehicle. We can gather evidence at the scene to determine if a government entity or one of its contractors is liable for poor maintenance or faulty or dangerous roadway conditions that contributed to your accident.

What to Expect From an Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyer

Our Indianapolis car accident attorneys have counseled numerous accident victims and their families, and we know how difficult it can be to place your trust in someone after an accident. That is why we offer full transparency to all of our clients, allowing them to hold us to the same high standards we created for ourselves.

If one of our experienced Indianapolis car accident lawyers takes on your case, we will:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation of the accident. As a former Police Captain, Mr. Sevenish has years of experience investigating the finer details of many different types of accident. We will collect all of the evidence of your accident to prepare a case that is supported by not only by facts, but by specific details.
  • Determine all parties who may be held responsible. An investigation may reveal that one or more parties can be held legally responsible for the harm you have suffered. A driver can be held responsible for a drunk driving crash, but the bar that served him could also be found liable. A car company and its suppliers may share blame for a defective auto part that caused a crash. Even government entities can be held accountable for poor maintenance conditions or badly-designed roadways.
  • Examine all medical records to determine past losses. Many victims are not fully aware of how much they have lost as a result of the accident, putting them at risk of accepting a settlement that does not cover their costs.
  • Work closely with experts to determine future losses. While many accident victims are able to resume their normal lives after an accident, some will continue to suffer long-term or even permanent effects. We draw on our relationships with medical professionals and others to calculate an accurate figure that combines loss of future earning capacity, scarring and disfigurement, loss of consortium, and other compensation through personal and economic damages.
  • Prepare a detailed written demand. We prepare each case on a written legal basis and medical chronology of the facts, state-of-the-art exhibits confirming medical and legal issues, and even persuasive video documentaries with professional narration.
  • Resolve and negotiate any liens attached to your recovery. We take over any collections that began as a result of financial hardship after your accident, and make every effort to negotiate those liens down. Of every dollar we convince a lien holder to reduce a lien, 100 percent of that reduction goes back to the client directly—without additional attorney fees.
  • Deal with insurance companies. We know what is necessary to maximize the legal value of your claim and minimize your payback obligation required to health insurers, allowing us to negotiate a full and fair settlement as fast as possible.
  • Take a solid, well-prepared case to trial if needed. Although the vast majority of all claims settle out of court, we prepare each case as if it will go to trial.

Getting proper payment after an accident requires immediate action, and once the window has closed to file your claim, your right to seek car accident compensation is lost forever. At the Sevenish Law Firm, we dedicate ourselves to each case with the honesty, fairness, and integrity that clients have come to expect from our attorneys and paralegals.

When to call an attorney after a car accident

If you have suffered a severe car accident injury, please contact an Indianapolis car accident lawyer so we can learn more about your case. Our initial consultations are free and confidential, and we always respond to calls within 24 hours.

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