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Pharmaceutical companies are constantly developing and manufacturing new prescription medications. These days, people can be prescribed medication to help in every facet of their lives and pharmaceutical companies produce powerful antidepressants, antianxiety, weight loss drugs, birth control, and vaccines.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) heavily regulates drugs and pharmaceutical products before they can be placed on the market, and is responsible for issuing warnings and recalls for drugs. Companies are required to engage in substantial testing and review to identify possible dangers and side effects before a new drug can be sold to consumers.

Nonetheless, every year thousands of people in Indianapolis suffer adverse effects from dangerous drugs. If a dangerous drug has harmed you, you should contact a skilled liability attorney right away. An Indianapolis dangerous drug lawyer may be able to help you get the compensation you need to cover your medical care and treatment, and hold large pharmaceutical companies liable for dangerous consumer products.

Wide Array of Pharmaceutical Products on the Market

There are thousands of drugs currently on the market that have received FDA approval. Pharmaceutical companies manufacture more than just pills, though—they also produce vaccines, intravenous drugs, and implantable devices.

Some of the potential injuries related to dangerous drugs include birth defects, depression, cancer, heart failure, and death. An Indianapolis dangerous drug lawyer can represent those injured by any dangerous drug or device, from Abilify and Accutane to Xarelto and Zofran.

Drug Company Liability

Pharmaceutical companies engage in years of laboratory and clinical testing before placing a drug on the market. However, this does not always mean that these drugs are absolutely safe.

A drug may be considered dangerous because of the way it is manufactured, because it does not have adequate warnings, or because it has not been thoroughly tested. When a person is injured because of a dangerous drug, it is important to hold large pharmaceutical companies liable. Many companies are aware that their drug can cause serious injuries, but in an effort to save money will still place these products on the market anyway.

Negligence and Product Liability

Indiana Code § 34-20-2-3 holds drug manufacturers strictly liable for injuries and harms caused by dangerous drugs. This means that a person does not need to prove that a company had an intention to cause harm, but rather must simply prove they were injured because of a dangerous drug.

An experienced dangerous drug lawyer in Indianapolis can also file a product liability lawsuit when a drug fails to provide adequate warnings or instructions under Ind. Code § 34-20-4-2.

Proving a drug manufacturer is liable for a dangerous drug is incredibly complex and requires a thorough understanding of the pharmaceutical market, as well as the various liability theories applicable in Indianapolis.

Call an Indianapolis Dangerous Drug Attorney Today

If you suffered an injury or lost a loved one due to a dangerous drug, you should not wait to call and speak with an Indianapolis dangerous drug lawyer.

A seasoned dangerous drug attorney at Sevenish Law Firm, P.C. understands the complexities of pharmaceutical litigation for dangerous drugs, and could help ensure your rights are protected and work to earn you compensation for your troubles.

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