Indianapolis Knee Injury Lawyer

Indianapolis Knee Injury Lawyer
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Did an accident in Indianapolis leave you with a knee injury? These injuries make it difficult to walk and often lead to significant amounts of pain. Depending upon the severity of your knee injury, it may even impact your mobility for the rest of your life.

Our team of personal injury lawyers at Sevenish Law Firm, P.C. takes knee injuries seriously. We step in to help if someone caused an accident that led to your injuries and work to bring you compensation for your losses. Find out more about how our Indianapolis knee injury lawyer can help.

Knee Injuries in Indianapolis

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (OOAS) tracks information about knee injuries around the country. According to the AAOS, the most common injuries associated with the knee include:


Dislocations occur when your joint pops out of place. You may experience a partial or complete dislocation. It’s important to get proper medical care to reduce the dislocation and prevent damage to the soft tissue around the joint.


Your knee represents the connection between your femur (thighbone) and your tibia (shinbone). Your patella (kneecap) protects the place where these two bones meet. All three of these bones could fracture in an accident.

The patella is more likely to break than your tibia or femur, especially during a motor vehicle accident or a fall. However, any of these bones could break.

Ligament Injuries

Ligaments connect bones to one another. Each knee has four main ligaments, including collateral and cruciate ligaments. When bent, twisted, or pulled incorrectly, ligaments can tear, resulting in severe pain and difficulty moving. We can help if you experience an:

  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury
  • Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) injury
  • Collateral Ligament injury

Meniscal Injuries

Your knees each contain two pieces of meniscal cartilage. This type of cartilage absorbs shock when you walk and stabilizes your joint. The meniscus can tear due to twisting of the knee joint or as a result of aging.

Tendon Injuries

Your bones connect to your muscles through the use of tendons. Two major tendons – the quadriceps tendon and the patellar tendon – are found in your knees. You can tear or injure these tendons, especially in a slip and fall accident.

We Assess the Causes of Your Indianapolis Knee Injury

Our Indianapolis knee injury lawyer can help determine the cause of your injury and how negligence played a role. Some causes for knee injuries include:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Individuals riding in the front seat of a vehicle end up placing their knees in close proximity to the dashboard of the vehicle. In an accident, the front of the car could get crushed back against your knees, leading to injuries.

In side-impact (or T-bone) collisions, drivers and passengers often get jerked or twisted sideways. This movement can also lead to damage to tendons, ligaments, and other parts of the knee.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Around one million people visit the emergency room every year after a slip and fall accident, according to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). When you slip and fall, it may end up twisting your leg to one side or the other, or even under your body, resulting in major injuries.

Forms of Compensation for Knee Injuries in Indianapolis

An Indianapolis knee injury attorney can step in to help you secure compensation for your losses if you got hurt in an accident. We assess your specific situation and all your losses. In some cases, we can help our clients secure damages to cover their:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Wages lost during recovery from a knee injury
  • Lost earning potential
  • Pain and suffering

We help you review any bills sent by medical facilities and gather information about your case.

Fault and Liability for Knee Injuries in Indianapolis

Note that you cannot automatically receive compensation if you hurt your knee in Indianapolis. Generally, you only receive damages to cover your losses if someone else caused your accident through an act of negligence.

We work to establish negligence and liability in knee accident cases. If your injury occurred as a result of a car accident, we may step in to show that the other driver caused the accident by:

  • Exceeding the speed limit
  • Passing in an unsafe way
  • Driving the wrong way
  • Failing to stop at a red light or stop sign
  • Driving while distracted, fatigued, or under the influence of alcohol

Slip and Fall Accidents

We also handle slip and fall accident cases in Indianapolis. Property owners owe a duty of care to guests who visit their property. They may fail to uphold this duty if they do not clean up hazards, like a spill, in a timely manner.

Other hazards that lead to slip and fall accidents include:

  • Ice or snow on outdoor walkways
  • Folded up rugs or carpet
  • Cracked or uneven flooring
  • Improper lighting
  • Trash or debris in a walkway

We listen and take you seriously when you explain the causes of your accident. We also work to gather evidence to support your side of the story.

Start Your Case Immediately After You Hurt Your Knee in Indiana

Generally, the state of Indiana gives you two years to seek compensation after an accident, under IC § 34-11-2-4. This statute of limitations controls how long you can wait to file a legal claim to receive compensation.

Our team can get to work for you right now. We’ll review the facts of your case, help you deal with insurance agents, communicate with other parties involved in the accident, and walk you through the legal system in Indianapolis. We can work to settle your claim or handle your case in court.

Let Us Handle Your Case

An Indianapolis knee injury lawyer can step in to help you after an accident. Members of our team at Sevenish Law Firm, P.C. empathize with your situation and provide you with professional support. Find out more by contacting us today.

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