Hit and Run Motorcycle Victim Lawyer in Indianapolis

Hit and Run Motorcycle Victim Lawyer in Indianapolis

Motorcyclists have an entire array of potential risks and dangers coming at them any time they hit the road. Unfortunately, this includes hit and run motorcycle accidents. As more drivers of all sorts of vehicles fill the streets, the rate of these and other accidents continues to grow.

Sevenish Law Firm serves Indianapolis and provides support and representation for any motorcyclist who finds themselves the victim of a hit and run incident.

Why Are Motorcyclists at Risk of Being Hit?

Most motorcycle riders understand that they face an increased risk of getting hit on the road compared to drivers of cars. Where does this greater risk come from? Several factors raise the likelihood of an accident:

  • Motorcycles are smaller and harder to see.
  • Drivers of cars often remember to check for other cars but not smaller vehicles.
  • Many cars have a large blind spot that a motorcycle can easily fit into.
  • Aggressive drivers or drivers with road rage may overlook and hit motorcyclists.
  • Drivers engaging in speeding or distracted driving may not see motorcyclists in time.

A large majority of these reasons revolve around other drivers on the road. While motorcyclists can do their part to reduce their chances of getting hit, such as wearing visible clothing and safety gear, many of the risks ultimately boil down to drivers of larger vehicles.

Motorcyclists often end up getting the brunt of the damage and injuries when going up against other vehicles in a crash as well. This makes these increased risks a major issue.

Why Do Drivers Leave the Scene?

Of course, not every accident involves the driver fleeing the scene. In many cases, the driver will stay behind and handle the situation. Hit and run motorcycle accidents aren’t unheard of, however. Why do drivers leave the scene of these crashes so often?


Simply put, many drivers have a fear of the repercussions they may face if they stick around after hitting a motorcyclist. They may fear trial, going to jail, having to pay a large sum of money or other concerns. They would rather take their chances and attempt to escape, hoping that no one will be able to identify them or track them down.

Distraction or intoxication

There are also situations in which a driver may simply not notice that they have struck a motorcyclist. Because motorcyclists ride on a comparatively small vehicle, drivers in larger vehicles may never realize that they hit anything at all, including a person. This holds particularly true for intoxicated or distracted drivers. This problem is increasing as the average size of the American household’s vehicles also increases, leading to vehicles with large blind spots that barely register impacts from smaller vehicles.

Can a Motorcycle Accident Victim Still File a Claim?

Accident victims can file a claim for compensation against whoever hit them, regardless of what vehicle they are driving. In short, a motorcyclist can and should file a claim to gain the compensation they deserve after an accident.

Uninsured motorist coverage can also help in this situation. Unfortunately, it’s possible to be struck by a driver who doesn’t have any insurance coverage. In that case, you may end up in a difficult situation where you do not have an insurance company to pursue for your financial compensation.

However, uninsured motorist coverage will help cover your expenses and damages even if the person who hit you has no insurance coverage of their own. This is one of many reasons why it’s a good investment, especially for motorcyclists, who are at a higher risk of needing insurance coverage.

What Can You Recover from Hit and Run Motorcycle Accidents?

While a hit and run motorcycle accident is a terrible event, it doesn’t have to mean the loss of everything for a rider. Recovering damages is possible, especially with the help of our attorneys.

Common damages recovered from hit and run incidents can include compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage or destruction
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages due to time taken off of work

Medical bills can include short-term damages such as admittance to the emergency room or any life-saving surgeries or operations performed at the time of the incident. They may also include long-term or ongoing damages like surgery, medication and physical therapy. A variety of other treatments can fall under this umbrella that people may not think of, such as reconstructive facial surgery, counseling sessions and pain management tools.

Many people underestimate the amount of time and money that recovering from a bad accident can cost. Recovery can last for years and may total hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical debt, lost wages and more. This is why the need for financial compensation is so crucial and why you want all the help you can get while attempting to pursue it.

How We Can Help Motorcyclists in Indianapolis

No one wants to get involved in hit and run motorcycle accidents, but they still happen every day. Fortunately, our attorneys at Sevenish Law Firm are here to help you. Reach out to us if you have suffered as a motorcyclist due to a hit and run incident and want to know your options for seeking compensation and damages.

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