Indianapolis Motorcycle Left-Turn Accident Lawyer

Indianapolis Motorcycle Left-Turn Accident Lawyer
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Many Indiana motorcycle wrecks result from similar circumstances, and drivers making left-hand turns near motorcycles is unfortunately a frequent cause of motorcyclist accidents and injuries.

At Sevenish Law Firm, our team of motorcycle accident attorneys understands what rights you have while riding your bike and have helped many motorcycle enthusiasts and their loved ones seek compensation for injuries or other losses that stem from a driver’s negligence. Contact us if a left turn caused your motorcycle crash.

When May You Need a Left-Turn Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Because so little protection exists between you and the roadway when you are on a motorcycle, any impact from a vehicle has the capacity to lead to serious, potentially life-altering injuries, or worse. Per the National Transportation Safety Administration, 42% of fatal motorcycle crashes result from a driver turning left while a motorcyclist is either traveling straight or attempting to pass another vehicle.

A knowledgeable, experienced motorcycle crash attorney at our firm understands the nuances of Indiana’s traffic and personal injury laws and is familiar with the types of injuries that may result from car-on-bike crashes. We are also well-versed in what types of damages might be available following an injury or the loss of a loved one in a motorcycle crash.

If you suffered an injury or lost someone you love because of another driver’s negligence, our team may be able to help you determine the economic and non-economic losses you experienced as a result.

How Do Left-Turn Collisions Occur?

Some left-turn collisions involving motorcyclists occur because motorists are driving while distracted, drowsy or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Others happen because a driver fails to yield or take adequate precautions when it comes to checking for motorcyclists on the road.

For example, when you drive straight through an intersection that has a green light or lacks traffic signals altogether, you maintain the right of way over motorists trying to turn left. However, many drivers may not realize this, and in some cases, they simply may not see you. Both situations have the potential to cause left-hand collisions, and when cars and motorcyclists collide, the consequences are often deadly.

Many left-turn collisions also occur because they require more forethought and attention than right-hand turns. This is because when drivers make left-hand turns, they have to worry about traffic coming toward them in addition to any pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists on the roadway. Some drivers may also attempt to “beat” oncoming traffic by making hasty turns before a motorcyclist has a chance to clear an intersection.

Who Is at Fault for a Motorcyclist’s Injuries?

In Indiana, the party that causes a crash is liable for damages stemming from it. Most of the time, that party’s insurance provider ends up making the necessary payout. To demonstrate that a motorist was liable for your left-hand collision, a left-turn motorcycle accident lawyer might compile evidence showing that you used your blinker and exercised care when approaching the intersection.

A motorcycle crash attorney may also help argue your case by showing how the driver who struck you or someone you love had broken traffic laws in doing so. This could include compiling witness statements or video evidence showing that the motorist blew through a stop sign, failed to yield or otherwise neglected to follow state laws.

Keep in mind, too, that a driver does not have to be entirely responsible for your motorcycle wreck for you to pursue a case against him or her. In Indiana, you just need to prove that the other driver was at least 51% to blame for the collision to collect damages from that party.

How Can You Help Avoid Left-Turn Collisions?

While there is no way for you to control the actions of other drivers, there are certain steps to take to decrease the likelihood of a left-hand collision and increase the chances of other motorists seeing you. For starters, wear bright, reflective clothing each time you ride your motorcycle. Always try to maintain an adequate distance from other vehicles or motorcycles on the roadway.

Take care to always wear a helmet, regardless of whether the law requires you to do so. Be cognizant of following all rules of the road and avoiding traveling by motorcycle when there is poor visibility or inclement weather. It is also wise to exercise vigilance when positioning yourself in traffic so that drivers in left-turn lanes clearly see you.

Finally, whenever possible, take a look around before navigating an intersection and plot an escape path, should a driver turning left come toward you. That way, if you see the driver heading your way, you may have a chance to avoid the collision before the driver’s vehicle strikes you.

Connect with an Indianapolis Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A left-hand collision has the potential to upend — or end — you or a loved one’s life.  If you or someone you love suffered a serious injury or fatality in a motorcycle wreck, Sevenish Law Firm may be able to help you identify your next steps and pursue coverage for related expenses. Call or send us a message online to discuss your options.

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