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Indianapolis Motorcycle Leg Injury Lawyer
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Motorcycles are more than transportation; they also offer riders relaxation, a sense of belonging and pleasure. While motorcycles are fun to ride, they can be dangerous. Bikers involved in collisions often sustain severe injuries because their protective gear can’t safeguard against all harm. Leg injuries are common in many motorcycle accidents.

If you sustained a leg injury on your motorcycle, you may deserve compensation. Unfortunately, obtaining a fair settlement without an experienced motorcycle accident attorney on your side may not be possible. Sevenish Law Firm in Indianapolis can help.

What Can Cause a Motorcycle Leg Injury?

If your motorcycle collides with a car, the bike will likely drop and slide along the road. You may sustain leg and foot injuries from the impact with the vehicle and the road. The bike itself can also hurt you when it falls or rolls over.

Many lower-extremity injuries can happen because your legs become pinned between the bike and the ground or vehicle that hits you. Others might result from making contact with the hot engine, getting feet stuck in tire spokes or trying to avoid a crash by stretching your legs out.

Leg injuries

Common leg injuries from a motorcycle accident include:

  • Broken bones or compound fractures
  • Bruises, scrapes and cuts
  • Burns or road rash
  • Crushed and shattered limbs
  • Sprains in ankles, knees and other parts of the legs

Vehicles may crush your leg with a direct impact, and your bike’s weight can crush your leg if it falls on you. You may also have permanent nerve damage.

Foot injuries from motorcycle accidents

In many crashes, your ankle and foot twist. You can experience:

  • Broken bones
  • Torn tendons and cartilage
  • Traumatic amputation

While some leg and foot injuries may be relatively minor, others can be catastrophic, resulting in long-term or permanent damage to your body.

Can You Prevent a Motorcycle Leg Injury?

While you can’t prevent all injuries, investing in the right equipment can guard against some. Consider purchasing:

  • Boots that cover your ankles
  • Leathers
  • Kevlar-lined jeans or Kevlar pads
  • Hip and knee pads
  • Mesh and textile clothing

Kevlar threads in jeans aren’t sufficient protection, and some types of fabric can still burn you in a motorcycle accident. The proper leg armor can protect against some impacts and road rash, but it can’t guarantee you will avoid injuries altogether.

Why Do Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

Bike wrecks happen for many reasons. Road, weather and lighting conditions may increase the likelihood of these accidents. Many motorcycle collisions occur because:

  • Drivers don’t notice the bike.
  • Motorists drive aggressively or recklessly.
  • Drivers are fatigued or using alcohol or drugs.
  • Drivers fail to yield the right of way or follow too closely behind motorcycles.
  • Drivers that speed also hit many motorcyclists.

Regardless of the reason for the accident, injured bikers deserve compensation for their injuries.

Can You Get Compensation for Leg and Foot Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents?

When someone else causes a motorcycle crash in Indianapolis, you can usually obtain compensation for your damages. You’ll need to prove negligence to hold a driver liable for your motorcycle leg injury.

What is negligence?

Every driver has a duty of care to follow traffic laws and use reasonable care to avoid causing collisions and harming others. To prove negligence, your motorcycle accident attorney will show that:

  • The driver owed you a duty of care.
  • The driver breached that duty.
  • The breach caused an accident.
  • You sustained injuries or other damages in the accident.

Sevenish Law Firm will investigate your accident to gather evidence and hold the guilty party liable.

What kinds of compensation can you receive?

If you qualify to seek compensation, you can recover different types of damages. Compensation amounts vary. Ask your attorney about your eligibility and how much your case is worth.

Economic damages

You’ll likely have several expenses directly resulting from a motorcycle accident. Economic damages reimburse you for these costs:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Replacement services
  • Property damage

Keep all bills and receipts associated with your motorcycle leg injury. Your attorney will use them to ensure that you receive appropriate compensation.

Non-economic damages

A motorcycle crash often has long-term consequences that can significantly impact your life. Non-economic damages compensate you for things such as:

  • Pain and suffering
  • PTSD, anxiety and depression
  • Loss of your ability to enjoy life
  • Inconvenience

Insurance companies may balk at paying for these conditions. Randall Sevenish will fight for your right to receive compensation.

Punitive damages

If the person responsible for your accident caused it intentionally or exhibited other reprehensible behaviors, you may qualify to receive punitive damages. Punitive damages are rarely available.

What If You Are Partially Responsible for Your Accident?

Indiana’s modified comparative fault law allows you to seek compensation for your damages if you are under 51% responsible for causing your accident. However, your compensation lowers proportionally with your degree of fault. If you are 20% responsible for causing your accident, for example,  you can only receive 80% of the available damages.

Why Choose Sevenish Law Firm To Handle Your Motorcycle Leg Injury Claim?

Not only is Randall Sevenish an experienced attorney, but he is also an avid and involved motorcycle rider. Bike organizations recommend Sevenish Law Firm, and we have helped our clients win millions. We have the knowledge, resources and skills to fight for your right to compensation, and we will give you the personal attention you deserve.

If you need a motorcycle leg injury lawyer, contact Sevenish Law Firm to request your free consultation today. You can reach us 24/7 by calling our offices, using live chat or submitting our online contact form.

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