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Indianapolis Road Rash Injury Lawyer
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A motorcycle accident may involve a bike rider being thrown off their vehicle. When this happens, the rider can strike the pavement or other objects, causing critical injuries like lacerations, internal organ damage, and more. These injuries are grouped together under the category of road rash.

If you or someone you know has developed road rash because of an accident caused by someone’s reckless or negligent actions, you deserve to have a skilled Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyer at your side. Sevenish Law Firm will work hard to recover the full extent of the damages you suffer from a road rash injury. Contact us to begin your claim.

How Road Rash Happens

When a motorcycle driver or rider lands on a rough surface and is dragged over an extended distance, motorcycle road rash can occur.

Even protective denim, leather, and helmets cannot always prevent serious skin abrasions during a motorcycle accident. A lucky motorcycle rider may walk away with minor bleeding or slight injuries, but more commonly, road rash tears the tissue beneath it.

Three categories of road rash help to explain the severity of the injuries.

First-degree road rash injuries include minor cuts, scrapes, and reddening in the impact in the affected area.

Second-degree road rash involves injuries that break the skin but do not penetrate into deep tissue. Pain, redness, and bleeding may occur with second-degree road rash.

Third-degree road rash is the most serious of road rash injuries. These can be debilitating with near complete or total skin loss. The skin may expose cartilage, fat, and tissue beneath it. Anyone with a third-degree road rash must seek medical attention immediately.

Complications from Road Rash Wounds

Motorcycle riders need immediate treatment for road rash and other injuries following an accident. Failure to get medical attention may expose a rider to multiple other medical issues and complications.

Complications are also associated with a diagnosis of third-degree road rash, including septic shock, infection, amputation, or scars.

Motorcycle Road Rash Treatments

Appropriately cleaning the wound is a first emergency step of medicine for road rash injuries. Major wounds should always be reported to an experienced medical professional.

Road rash may be just one of the many injuries you’ve sustained in a serious motorcycle accident, and only a qualified medical professional can help you clean and properly bandage the wound. More severe cases of motorcycle road rash will require stitches in order to close the wound, or skin graft surgery, which can require months for appropriate healing.

Other extensive surgeries may be required if rubble, metal or glass are embedded in the road rash. Many victims have significant medical debt from treating road rash injuries.

You may be entitled to many different types of compensation based on the type of accident and the severity of your injury. Your past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages associated with the accident may all be included in an Indianapolis road rash accident lawsuit.

What are the immediate steps to address road rash?

A doctor at the emergency room or urgent care will look at the wound to determine the best treatment. The severity of the injury will influence the treatment plan.

Cleaning the injury is a crucial step to disinfect the wound. Any debris inside open wounds should also be removed before dressing and covering the injury site. Keeping that bandage fresh and watching for signs of infection can prevent other complications for a road rash injury victim.

How Can I Avoid Road Rash Injury Complications?

Motorcycle riders can take some proactive steps to minimize their chances of being seriously hurt in a road rash accident. These include:

  • Taking motorcycle safety courses
  • Driving defensively
  • Wearing clothing that makes them more visible to other riders
  • Wearing safety gear that decreases the potential for penetration into serious skin wounds
  • Using headlights
  • Riding at safe speeds
  • Avoiding bad weather, heavy traffic, or road hazards
  • Avoiding splitting lanes
  • Paying attention to your surroundings

Road rash may be severe enough, either on its own or in conjunction with other injuries, to allow a victim to fight for compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.

At what speed does motorcycle road rash occur?

Just about any speed you’re moving at on a motorcycle could lead to road rash. Even at 10 mph, any moment you may be sliding to a stop can open wounds on the skin. Hitting the pavement at highway speeds can cause severe road rash.

After a Road Rash Injury, Contact an Indianapolis Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Trying to work through the legal process to get maximum recovery on your own can be challenging.

If you’re dealing with the consequences of an Indianapolis motorcycle accident, you need a qualified personal injury lawyer to help you immediately. Sevenish Law Firm has a track record of helping people who suffer from road rash file insurance claims, identify key evidence, and fight for justice. Contact us to request a consultation and let our team begin building your case strategically.

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