Indianapolis Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Indianapolis Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer
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When people are no longer able to care for themselves, or a family is no longer able to provide the proper care for their loved one, they often turn to a nursing home. According to the Indiana Care Planning Council, there are fifty nursing homes in Indianapolis that provide care and services to hundreds of residents.

While most nursing homes provide excellent care, nursing home abuse is still a serious problem. Both residents and families need to understand the signs of nursing home abuse, as well as their legal rights and protections.

If you believe you or a loved one suffered abuse in a nursing home, contact an Indianapolis nursing home abuse lawyer. A dedicated and compassionate injury attorney in Indianapolis could investigate a potential abuse case and provide practical guidance and legal representation to protect nursing home residents.

Rights in a Nursing Home

It is important to understand the rights of those in a nursing home and to understand how Indianapolis law is designed to protect nursing home residents from abuse and neglect.

The Adult Protective Services Act provides protections and rights to Indianapolis nursing home residents. This law establishes a specific procedure someone should follow if they believe they or a loved one were subjected to nursing home abuse.

Nursing home residents and families should also be aware of the Nursing Home Resident Rights, which includes the rights to:

  • Be informed of nursing home policies and procedures
  • Choose a physician and pharmacy
  • Know medical information
  • Participate in planning of medical care and treatment
  • Be free from restraints both physical and chemical
  • File grievances
  • Participate in community activities

These laws and regulations are designed to protect nursing home residents from being subject to abuse and neglect. They impose liability on nursing homes for their policies and practices that lead to abuse.

Recognizing the Signs of Abuse

Recognizing when a nursing home resident is being abused is not always easy. However, it is important for individuals and families to be able to identify the signs of nursing home abuse. Sudden and rapid weight loss, suspicious bruising, untreated bedsores, sudden or constant infections, and open wounds or cuts may all be symptoms of systemic abuse in a nursing home.

However, not all instances of abuse will be as clear. Therefore, it is important for families to look for other signs of abuse in a nursing home resident, such as withdrawal from community activities, depression, or intense anxiety.

Anyone who suspects abuse in an Indianapolis nursing home should contact Indiana’s Adult Protective Services at 1-(800)-992-6978. In addition, individuals and families should contact an Indianapolis nursing home abuse attorney, who can investigate a nursing home and residents’ treatment to determine if they have been abused.

Turn to a Trusted Indianapolis Nursing Home Attorney Today

Nursing home abuse is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. Nursing homes have a duty and obligation to provide care and treatment to elderly and sick citizens, and if a nursing home abuses its residents, they should be held liable.

An Indianapolis nursing home abuse lawyer at Sevenish Law Firm, P.C. may be able to help individuals and families recover compensation for their injuries, and could work to hold nursing homes liable for abuse and neglect. Contact a trusted and experienced Indianapolis nursing home abuse attorney today to discuss your case.

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