Indianapolis Product Liability Lawyer

Indianapolis Product Liability Lawyer
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People depend on the products they buy to improve their lives. In buying those products, though, consumers must rely on the product’s manufacturer, distributor, and seller to uphold their legal duties to make and sell safe products. If left unchecked and allowed to enter the public marketplace, defective and dangerous products can seriously harm consumers.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer injuries or illness from defective or dangerous products. If this has happened to you, call an Indianapolis product liability lawyer today. You could be entitled to financial compensation for the harm you suffered, so get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney soon to learn about your options.

Consumer Product Regulations

State and federal laws protect consumers by regulating manufacturers and resellers. Regulations such as the federal Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) hold product manufacturers responsible for any unreasonable harm their products may pose to consumers.

The CPSIA imposes stringent testing requirements meant to limit the number of dangerous or defective products that make it to market. Additionally, this law requires manufacturers to ensure their products are safe for their suggested use.

However, the CPSIA is not infallible, nor are any of the other similar laws that serve the same general purpose. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which enforces the CPSIA, estimates that these incidents cost consumers over $1 trillion annually in property damage, medical bills, and wrongful deaths. Experienced product liability lawyers in Indianapolis may be able to help injured consumers recover these costs by filing a claim against the manufacturer or reseller.
What is Product Manufacturer Liability?
Product manufacturers are required by law to make sure their products are safe for use. Manufacturers and resellers are also required to recall their products if they discover the product is dangerous or defective after putting it on the market.

Even so, defective consumer products are present in nearly every market category. The Consumer Product Safety Commission commonly announces recalls for defective or dangerous products in the following categories:
Top 8 Product Recall Categories

  • Vehicles and auto parts
  • Toys
  • Furniture
  • Smartphones and other electronics
  • Household cleaners
  • Lawn care products
  • Pet food
  • Children’s clothing

Unfortunately, many of these recalls only occur after a consumer is harmed. When that happens, the manufacturer or reseller can be held liable for the consumer’s injuries and related costs. This means that anyone injured by an unreasonably dangerous or defective product may be able to sue for compensation for their medical costs, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Product Liability Litigation

Filing a lawsuit may seem like an extreme step to take after suffering an injury. However, many manufacturers only start paying attention to the dangers their products produce when their victims initiate litigation. A lawsuit may provide an injured victim the chance to seek much-needed compensation to pay for their recovery and move forward with their lives.

It can be difficult to decide whether to file such a legal claim. Local victims of defective or dangerous products can call an Indianapolis product liability lawyer to learn more about their options. A product liability attorney could answer their questions about the legal process, address any concerns, and help them make the best choice for their situation.

Speak with an Indianapolis Product Liability Attorney Today

If you or your child were recently hurt by a dangerous or defective product, an Indianapolis product liability lawyer is available to help. An experienced product liability attorney at Sevenish Law Firm in Indianapolis, IN could work hard to hold the manufacturer or reseller accountable and may be able to help you win compensation. Call today.

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