Jeffersonville Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Jeffersonville Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you suffered an injury while riding your bike in Jefferson, Indiana, a Jeffersonville bicycle accident lawyer with Sevenish Law Firm, P.C., can help you seek compensation from the party whose negligence caused the collision. Because people on bicycles do not have physical barriers around them like people in motor vehicles do, their bodies often sustain devastating harm.

You may have losses after the bike accident, such as hospital bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. You should not have to cover these damages yourself. Our attorney serving Jeffersonville can help you hold the liable party accountable. You can learn more about your legal options during a free consultation with us today.

Recoverable Damages in Bicycle Accident Cases

Getting hit by a motor vehicle when riding a bike often results in severe or fatal injuries. The negligent driver is not limited to the amount of harm the crash would have caused a passenger in a car. The at-fault party is responsible for the actual injuries to the bicyclist, for example:

  • Lost income. If you did not get paid for the time you could not work because of your injuries, we can include that loss in your bicycle accident injury claim or lawsuit. This item includes lost income for the time immediately after the collision, as well as missing work for medical appointments, physical therapy, and recuperating from medical procedures like surgery.
  • Reduced earning capacity. After a severe injury, you might have limitations on your activities. You might have chronic pain, weakness, or a reduced range of motion. If your injuries cause you to be unable to make as much money as before the crash, you might have a claim for decreased earning capacity.
  • Medical expenses. Your early medical bills can include ambulance, emergency room or trauma center services, diagnostic procedures, and imaging studies like X-rays. Treatment for your wounds can involve doctors, hospitals, surgery, and physical therapy.
  • Your wounds might leave you with mobility challenges that require you to use a wheelchair, splint, adaptive vehicle, and home modifications.
  • If you experienced a severe injury like head trauma or spinal cord damage, you might need to receive specialized treatment at a rehabilitation center for weeks or months.
  • Long-term care. Bicyclists who suffer catastrophic injuries from a motor vehicle collision might be unable to live independently. They may also need assistance with daily medical treatments and personal care, either in a nursing home or in-home healthcare.

Our Jeffersonville bicycle accident lawyer will assess your damages and move forward with seeking a favorable settlement from the liable party’s insurer on your behalf. We can file your claim or move forward with a lawsuit if we cannot settle your case outside of court.

Wrongful Death Damages in a Jeffersonville Bicycle Accident

If your close relative died in a bicycle accident that someone else caused, you and the other legal beneficiaries might have a claim for additional compensation for your losses. Wrongful death actions help surviving family members cover the deceased’s medical bills and future lost earnings. They also help the family cover funeral and burial costs, among others.

Proving Liability in Bicycle Accident Injury Claims

Bicycle crashes often cause severe injuries to the bicyclist, which is why drivers of motor vehicles try to blame the bicyclist for the collision. You do not have to accept the blame for a crash you did not cause. Here is how we establish that the driver is liable for the accident:

  • Duty of care. Drivers have a duty to look out for others on the road.
  • Breach of duty. Failing to perform this duty for any reason is negligence.
  • The breach of duty must be what directly caused the crash and the bicyclist’s injuries
  • Quantifiable damages. The injured bicyclist suffered recoverable losses because of the crash.

After establishing these four required elements for liability, we can pursue a claim for your losses. Our Jefferson bicycle accident attorney can gather evidence to build your compensation case, including the official police accident report, your medical records and doctor’s notes, and statements from bicycle crash witnesses.

We Will File Your Jeffersonville Bicycle Accident Case on Time

You have a limited time to sue the liable party for damages in your bicycle accident. Indiana allows injured parties two years to pursue an injury or wrongful death lawsuit, per IC § 34-11-2-4 and IC § 34-23-1-1.

If you miss either deadline, you will likely lose your right to seek compensation. We can file your case on time to protect your right to sue if we have enough time. Our Jeffersonville bicycle accident lawyer will update you on your case regularly and answer any of your questions.

What Causes Bicycle Accidents in Jeffersonville?

Although riding a bicycle can be a pleasant experience, the bicyclist must be on guard for drivers who might run into them because of these careless activities:


People are used to looking for other cars and trucks on the road, but they are not necessarily regularly checking for smaller objects like bicycles. Whether they are on their daily commute or a road trip, drivers often slip into a sort of mental “auto pilot” in which they think about other things rather than the activity of driving.

The driver might escape getting into a collision with a large vehicle but be less likely to notice bicycles when daydreaming or worrying.


Drivers today have far more things to distract them than ever before. It used to be simpler to drive a car than it is now. Years ago, the common distractions were eating, talking with passengers, and changing the radio station in the vehicle.

Now, driving a car can involve interacting with the GPS for directions, getting traffic congestion updates, checking the weather, and other information from built-in electronic devices. Also, many people have a cell phone in the car, which can distract them when they receive a text message or phone call.

Failure to Share the Road with Bicyclists

Regardless of the legal obligation to share the road with bicycles, some people refuse to do so. They do not always give bikes the space required for safety. As a result, they can force bicycles off the road or into other vehicles. Some drivers will “clip” a bike without considering the consequences of this action.

Reckless Driving

Jeffersonville motorists who drive recklessly increase the risk of causing a bicycle collision. For example, frequent lane changes can cause a driver not to see a bike in time to avoid a crash.


Driving at an excessive speed is inherently dangerous, but it is particularly risky to people who might be riding bicycles in the area. The faster a car or truck is going, the less time the driver has to notice a bike and take evasive action.

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Getting Legal Help with Your Bicycle Accident Injury Case

The Sevenish Law Firm, P.C.’s mission is to help people who get injured because of the carelessness of others. We are compassionate and kind to our clients while fighting their battles for them. Our clients get to rest and focus on recuperating from their wounds because they know we are taking care of their legal matters.

We offer a free initial consultation so that you can know what legal recourse you have. You can contact us today to get started. If we take your case, we will handle it on a contingency fee basis. With this fee arrangement, you do not pay any legal fees until you win.

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