Fighting Insurance Claim Denials Following A Motorcycle Accident

Anyone who suffers an injury in a motorcycle accident has the legal right to pursue compensation for their injuries and accident-related losses. Consumers trust that their insurance company will fulfill their obligation by acting quickly and fairly when providing the proper coverage for damages under their particular plan. Unfortunately, however, it is common for insurance companies to deny personal injury claims or even refuse to pay their policy holders an adequate settlement after they are involved in a car accident. In these instances, injured victims have it in their best interests to learn more about their legal options by consulting with a skilled Indianapolis motorcycle injury lawyer.

Stand Up for Your Entitlements

If your insurance claim is denied, it can seem like the easy thing to do is to simply accept it and move on with your life. However, doing so may not be realistic. Motorcycle accidents often result in life-changing injuries that can take months or even years of medical treatment, medication, rehabilitation, and more, in addition to taking time off work to recover. Motorcycle insurance is meant to help injured victims balance the expenses related to their accident, particularly if they were involved in an accident caused by a motorist who is underinsured or uninsured completely. If your insurance company found a reason to deny your claim rather than attempting to conclude how best to pay you, it is possible for you to prove that your insurer acted in bad faith. An Indiana insurance claims attorney can help you explore why your claim may have been denied and determine whether your insurance company acted wrongly.

Fighting Insurance Claim Denials

It is reasonable for you to expect that your insurance company will offer you the support you need following a motorcycle crash. It is why you pay your insurance premiums. In many cases, however, insurance companies place profits in front of the wellbeing of their clients, and deny lawful claims to attempt to cut costs and save money.

It is critical for injured victims as well as the family members of those killed in motorcycle accidents in Indiana to remember that they may be entitled to more compensation than their insurance company initially offers. Many people can’t believe that their insurance company would regularly collect their premiums only to then fail to pay out on lawful claims or fail to provide the fair value of a claim. Sadly, this can occur far too often. Even if you are intimidated or threatened by your insurance company with legal action, believing that you will back down and withdraw your claim, you should not be forced to give up and deny your legal right to pursue the compensation you deserve and most likely need following a motorcycle accident.

Righting the Wrong

As a motorcycle accident lawyer in Indianapolis, Randy Sevenish is fully committed to working tirelessly on behalf of his clients who have been wronged by their insurance provider. Mr. Sevenish is the founder of Sevenish Law Firm, P.C., and has limited his practice to accident and injury law since 1985. Additionally, Mr. Sevenish has over 35 years of experience riding motorcycles, giving him an appreciation and understanding of injury law. Mr. Sevenish can help you obtain a successful result for your insurance claim. Please call our 24 hour accident hotline at 800-278-9200 to get started with Mr. Sevenish now.