Indiana Motorcycle Accidents Due to Design Defects May Be the Fault of the Manufacturer

motorcycle with manufacturer defectThere are many different reasons for the numerous motorcycle accidents resulting in personal injury and fatalities on American roads each year but one that sometimes doesn’t get enough attention is motorcycle design defects. It’s important to hold manufacturers accountable for any instances in which inattention to design safety causes serious harm to bikers on the road.

One reason that motorcycle design defects might not receive great awareness is because many of us might think that vehicles always include a design that provides for careful attention to safety. A closer look at how motorcycles differ from four-wheeled vehicles shows that some issues with poor quality and potentially defective materials can be more dangerous when applied to bikes.

Examples of Dangerous Motorcycle Design Defects

Many Indiana motorcycle accidents caused by design defects involve the use of inferior plastics, low quality carbon fibers, or bad alloys during assembly.

For example, handlebars that break when the driver is actively using the bike in traffic is extremely dangerous. Likewise, spoke or wheel failure or snapped brake cables can cause serious accidents. While poor quality materials used in a car or truck design may make it look bad, they actually threaten the health and safety of a motorcycle rider.

Our Firm Goes to the Source to Help Compensate You

At Sevenish Law Firm, we understand the threats caused by poor design of a motorcycle. Selling a cheaply-built motorcycle is not like producing cheap electronics, toys, or furniture. A bike has to be structurally durable in order to protect its rider from serious harm and wrongful death. Any less than 100 percent attention to safety leaves the manufacturer liable when malfunctioning parts cause roadway accidents.

Professional motorcycle accident attorneys can help victims document events related to defective parts or equipment in order to build a strong product liability case. Bike manufacturers are responsible, and should be held accountable when they do not provide quality and safety to their customers.

If you have experienced injury in a motorcycle accident in which design defects seem like a contributing factor, call Sevenish Law Firm at 800-278-9200. Let our professional, experienced motorcycle injury attorneys in Indianapolis help you through every step of a potentially complex legal process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.