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Accidents can happen at any time and, in some cases, result in personal injury. These injuries have a wide range of seriousness, from minor to life-altering. If your injury resulted in significant medical bills or lost time at work, you are probably feeling overwhelmed by the unfortunate turn of events.

When you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may have the right to pursue compensation. The incident has left your life inconvenienced, and you may be able to hold the responsible party accountable for paying costly bills and more.

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Sevenish Law Firm, P.C. is your personal injury law firm in Noblesville, IN. It is all we do, and we are proud of the results that we get for our clients. Call today for a free, confidential consultation to learn more about proceeding with your personal injury claim.

Common Damages Recovered by Our Personal Injury Clients

We have achieved successful settlements for many of our personal injury clients. The common damages recovered are:

  • Medical bills
  • Out-of-pocket expenses related to the accident
  • Future medical care
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Loss of consortium
  • Lost wages, benefits, and advancement opportunities at work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death

The ultimate value of your case may vary based on factors such as:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • How much your medical care cost (and will cost in the future)
  • The impact your injuries had on your career and ability to earn income
  • To what extent the injury affected your day-to-day life

Even if you only suffered so-called “mild” injuries, however, you still may be able to seek compensation. We can tell you what your case may be worth during a free case review.

Why Choose Sevenish Law Firm, P.C.?

Call a personal injury lawyer in Noblesville, IN from Sevenish Law Firm, P.C. if you have been injured in an accident. Randall “Randy” Sevenish, now a personal injury lawyer, was formerly a law enforcement officer in the police force. He knows how to conduct a proper investigation of your accident.

Sevenish Law Firm, P.C. is not like some law firms that are jacks of all trades, but masters of none. Because we only take personal injury cases, we have the kind of experience with personal injury law that can benefit your case.

Personal Injury Accidents We Can Help You With

Some accidents are just simply accidents, but many can be avoided by taking the necessary precautions. However, we can help when someone else causes your injury.

Some of the most common causes of personal injury are:

  • Vehicle crashes: Car, bus, truck, motorcycle
  • Workplace accidents: Construction, manufacturing, transportation caused by a third party and not your employer
  • Premises liability: Slip, trip, and fall, dog bites, negligent security
  • Pedestrian accidents: Walking, running, cycling
  • Product liability: Automotive parts, electronics, children’s toys, dog food
  • First responder injury: Traffic stops, routine patrol, fire or crash near highway
  • Child injury: Swimming pool accidents, sports-related injuries, defective products

Unfortunately, sometimes, accidents just happen. However, in many cases, the accident can be traced back to a negligent act of another party. The details of the incident are important to a potential claim, and it is vital that none are missed.

If you have been the victim of another person’s negligent or intentional act, call us. We are proud of the results we achieve for our clients. Get started with a free consultation today.

Wrongful death

It is tragic when a loved one is lost because of fatal injuries sustained in an accident. If you have experienced this unfortunate occurrence, you may be entitled to compensation for your loss. A wrongful death claim could help you recover damages for loss of support, protection, and wages, as well as costly funeral and burial expenses.

Forms of Negligence We Can Use to Prove Your Noblesville Case

Depending on what caused your injury, many forms of negligence may have led to your accident. We can work to prove that someone else was responsible for your losses.

Auto accidents

State law in Indiana and Noblesville City Code requires that drivers adhere to driving rules. If the driver who caused your crash was cited for breaking any of the following local codes, this could provide evidence for your case.

Even if the driver was not cited for violating city or state law, we could still seek other forms of evidence to demonstrate negligence, such as eyewitness statements and footage from local business cameras.

Can you recover compensation even if you were partially at fault for an accident?

Yes. Don’t make the mistake of failing to take legal action when you believe you were partly at fault for a crash. Indiana’s code of laws contains a statute of contributory fault (§ 34-51-2-6) that establishes you may still claim compensation from the other party.

Truck accidents

You don’t have to suffer the financial consequences of a truck accident alone. Partner with a truck accident lawyer who will determine liability from all responsible parties.

Who is liable for a truck accident?

One or more of the following parties could bear financial responsibility for your damages:

  • The truck driver: When truckers violate rules of the road or regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, they can be liable for your losses.
  • The trucking company: Trucking companies must monitor their vehicles for any problems. They should immediately fix any problems identified. Vicarious liability for their driver’s mistakes can also apply.
  • Trucking part manufacturers: When a truck malfunctions, you could file a product liability claim to recoup your losses.

Motorcycle accidents

A motorcycle accident lawyer understands the first steps in pursuing compensation against an at-fault party, who could be anyone on the road or the manufacturer of your ride.

What factors contribute to motorcycle accidents?

Driver negligence and error comes in many forms, such as:

  • Driving too fast in inclement weather
  • Reckless driving
  • Improper turns and lane changes
  • Operating while intoxicated, distracted or fatigued

Do insurance companies have a stigma against motorcycle riders?

Insurance companies don’t always negotiate in good faith. Insurance adjusters may assume all bikers are naturally reckless, or that you accept the risk of injury when you get on your motorcycle. We fight these assumptions and encourage you to partner with a lawyer who manages all dealings with the insurer.

What if another vehicle who struck you is uninsured?

You may have to look at other options for recovering your losses, including:

  • Uninsured motorist coverage: In Indiana, all insurance policies must include this unless rejected in writing beforehand.
  • A lawsuit: Filing a lawsuit against the other driver helps cover the cost of catastrophic injuries when your costs exceed your coverage limits.
  • Federal or state disability: This can pay for your daily living costs and a portion of your damages when a motorcycle accident leaves you disabled.

Do you have a product liability case when a motorcycle defect causes a crash?

Defects can happen to motorcycle frames, engines, fuel tanks, brakes, wheels, handlebars, and throttle systems. If a defective part caused you severe injuries, then our law firm is prepared to handle your case. Inspectors and retailers may be identified as liable beyond the manufacturer of a faulty part.

Bicycle accidents

A large share of bicycle accidents are from collisions with a negligent motorist. However, some result from riding surfaces in disrepair or faulty bicycle parts of engineering.

What are other responsible parties in a bicycle accident?

Other liable parties may include:

  • Other cyclists who fail to use reasonable care when sharing the road with you.
  • Pedestrians using crosswalks and the road
  • Local governments for their inaction when a hazardous condition exists on a public road

This list is not exhaustive, and you should let a Noblesville personal injury lawyer examine your bicycle accident case to identify additional liable entities.

Rideshare and taxi cab accidents

Local codes also ensure that rideshare and other taxicab users can expect to ride in a vehicle in safe working order. If a vehicle fails to meet standards set by Noblesville Code of Ordinances §114.05, the driver could be held liable.

Slip and fall accidents

In Indiana, you may be able to seek compensation if you were injured on someone else’s property. If you were a social guest on private property or a patron of a Noblesville business and a dangerous condition caused your injury, we could help you gather evidence of negligence.

Typical Injuries Sustained in an Accident

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated in 2016 that across America, there were 39.5 million physician office visits for unintentional injuries. Many of those injuries were:

  • Sprains and strains: Injuries to the soft tissue that surrounds a joint or injuries to the muscle body
  • Fractures: Bone or rib fractures can be simple or compound
  • Whiplash: A rapid back-to-forward movement of the head that causes painful stress to soft tissue in the neck
  • Traumatic brain injury: With symptoms ranging in degrees of seriousness, TBIs are caused by a forceful blow to the skull.
  • Cuts and bruises: These injuries may not seem serious, but can quickly lead to infection or be a symptom of a more serious medical issue.
  • Internal bleeding: Sometimes caused by impact or a serious bone fracture, internal bleeding requires immediate medical attention.
  • Face and eye injuries: These injuries may require surgery for cosmetic repair or lead to loss of vision.

Any injury is serious when it happens to you or your family member. Accidents should be taken seriously. Any injury should be immediately evaluated by the proper medical professionals.

After seeing your doctor tend to your injuries, call the Sevenish Law Firm, P.C. to find out your options for recovering damages from your accident. We aggressively defend the rights of the wrongfully injured and would be happy to guide you through the process of a claim.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Noblesville, IN Can Take Legal Action for You

The process of filing a personal injury claim can prove to be a difficult task, especially when you are heavily focused on recovering from your injuries. There are some occasions when an individual may feel that they can take on the process of a personal injury claim on their own. This is known as ‘pro se’ representation or representing oneself. Usually, the result is a high amount of lost time, money, and energy.

At the Sevenish Law Firm, P.C., we do not wish to see this happen to anyone. A personal injury lawyer in Noblesville, IN from Sevenish Law Firm, P.C. can:

Investigate the accident

If alerted on time, we can investigate the scene of the accident. Otherwise, we can review all police reports and eyewitness statements.

Determine liability

Sometimes following an investigation, it is concluded that there are multiple parties that could be held liable for the accident.

Work with other professionals

We can work with medical professionals to understand what future attention your injuries will need and the related costs.

Negotiate with insurance companies

Once our case is prepared and we know the extent of your damages, we can demand a fair settlement and deal with the insurance companies on your behalf.

Take your case to trial

Most times, claims are settled outside of court. However, if need be, we will have a professional case ready for trial.

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Call a personal injury lawyer in Noblesville, IN from Sevenish Law Firm, P.C. today to get answers for all your important questions regarding your claim before the statute of limitations under Indiana Code §34-11-2-4 passes. We offer a free, no-risk consultation for you to get started.

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