Our Free Smartphone App Assists Accident Victims

mobile appThousands of vehicle accidents occur each day in the United States. With more than 30 years of experience fighting for Indiana accident victims, personal injury lawyer Randy Sevenish of Sevenish Law Firm knows that crashes can lurk around any curve in the road, and it can be difficult to adequately prepare for such an unexpected event.

The moments immediately following an accident can be incredibly chaotic, but they're also crucial to ensuring the success of any future personal injury claim. Although you can't stow Sevenish Law Firm's skilled legal team in your pocket in case of an accident, you can take our legal know-how with you in the form of a free smartphone app.

The Sevenish Law Firm app assists Indiana accident victims by:

  • Providing helpful emergency phone numbers
  • Recording your proof of insurance
  • Documenting accident information
  • Tracking and recording injury-related expenses

Our app can also help you find our Indianapolis law office after an accident.

Don't wait until you've been involved in accident. Fill out the form below to receive access for your download of the Sevenish Law Firm app, available for both Apple/iOS and Android devices.