Victim Of Motorcycle Crash Receives Substantial Settlement

Victim Of Motorcycle Crash Receives Substantial Settlement
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We at Sevenish Law Firm, P.C. know that you have choices when it comes to hiring a law firm. When making your decision, remember that nothing speaks louder than case results. Take a look at a few of our success stories to get an idea of what our personal injury lawyers can do for you. Note that past results do not guarantee future wins.

In 2015, our 47-year-old client, who was a well-known member of the community and a veteran, was riding his motorcycle for pleasure one day in Plainville, Indiana. He was in the last circle of a roundabout when he was violently hit from behind by a driver of an SUV. The negligent driver claimed he didn’t see our client. The force of the impact was so great that our client was thrown off his motorcycle.

Our client was transported to a hospital by ambulance. He suffered serious injuries and had to undergo four separate surgeries. Due to the nature of his injuries, it’s unlikely he’ll return to his former job—or any other job—in the future. In addition, he needs long-term medical care and medication to manage his chronic pain.

Randall Sevenish’s Investigative Skill Secures Client a Favorable Settlement

In a rear-end collision, the driver in the rear is almost always considered to be at fault for failing to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of him. However, in this case, the negligent driver’s insurance company disputed who caused the accident.

Randall Sevenish thoroughly investigated the accident and obtained evidence that proved the other driver’s negligence. In addition, Mr. Sevenish reviewed all relevant records relating to our client’s claim. He used the medical records to establish the severity and long-term nature of our client’s injuries—essential points to prove if our client was to receive the compensation he deserved.

Ultimately, Mr. Sevenish negotiated a settlement of our client’s claim for the full policy limit. This settlement enabled our client to pay his medical bills, replace some of the income he’ll lose in the future, and move forward with his life.

If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle or other accident, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Sevenish Law are here to help. Use the contact form below, or call our office today to schedule your free consultation.


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