Are Bicycle Accidents Always Caused By Automobile Drivers?

No, but most are. Many drivers don't see bicyclists simply because they are not expecting to see them, they are not paying attention to bicyclists or they may believe they have a superior right to the roadways over the bicyclist. On the other hand, sometimes bicyclists make bad decisions themselves such as: riding against the grain of traffic, weaving in and out of traffic, disregarding red lights or stop signs, not wearing a helmet, not respecting traffic laws, not signaling or looking when turning, not riding in a predictable manner, not using headlights, taillights or light-colored clothing at night. Other causes of bicycle accidents include defective bicycles and parts, badly built or maintained roads, poor repair jobs and attacks by dogs. In all of these cases, the injured bicyclist has the right to file an insurance claim and/or sue the party responsible.