Are Bicycles Most Like Pedestrians Or Motor Vehicles Under The Law?

Bicycles are very similar to motor vehicles. Traffic laws give bicyclists all the same rights, duties and responsibilities as drivers of motor vehicles. However many drivers either do not know this or somehow think they have a superior right to the road than the bicyclist. That said the bicyclist should never challenge a driver in a motor vehicle because even if right, the motor vehicle always wins -- not the bicyclist. Bicyclists must obey traffic signals and signs, stay in the correct lane and even avoid riding drunk. However, some special laws apply to bicyclists. Bicyclists must use hand signals to indicate turns, the bicycle must have an audible signal device. Bicyclists should always wear helmets and when applicable use a headlight and taillight at night and wear light-colored clothing. They also have the special privilege of using a bicycle-only lane if it is available.