Can a passenger in a car that caused a crash file a claim?

In this video, Sevenish Law answers the question: If I was a passenger in a car whose driver caused a crash, do I have a claim? Yes. All drivers owe the people around them a duty to be careful on the road. That includes a duty to people in the same car as well as to the drivers around them. If you were injured because of the driver's negligence, you should be able to file a claim or sue just as if you were hit by a negligent driver in another vehicle. But if the jury believes it was clearly unsafe to get into the car, it may decide you were partially at fault. In Indiana, a claim of this nature can become complicated if the at fault driver was a particular family member. If so, your claim could be barred. Contact an injury lawyer to find out if your claim is valid and to determine all responsible parties and insurance companies.