What if someone hit me and drove away?

In this video, Sevenish Law answers the question: What if someone hit me and drove away? In no-fault states, your own insurance covers you. In at-fault states, hit-and-runs should be covered by an uninsured/underinsured auto insurance policy or collision coverage. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get these claims paid, because there's very little information about the other driver. Insurance companies sometimes deny expensive hit-and-run claims, even when they're perfectly valid, requiring drivers to file a lawsuit against their own insurance company in order to recover the money they are owed. Make sure you get as much information of the hit and run vehicle and its occupants and write it down while it is most fresh on your mind. Then provide this to the police right away and right after to your insurance company. Get the names and phone numbers for any witnesses to help you support your claim or to verify it actually occurred. Then contact an experienced injury lawyer who will know what to do to protect you against your own insurance company in cases such as these.