What Damages Can I Claim In A Bicycle Accident Claim Or Lawsuit?

You can claim any physical, psychological and financial damages related to the accident. These are known as General or Special Damages and they are numerous. Damages include but are not limited to, past and future medical bills, the cost of a replacement bike and damaged clothing or other articles, past and future wage loss, your financial loss in the form of a reduced work life expectation and impairment of your earning capacity and other damages. You also deserve compensation in many cases for the specific type of injury you suffered, your physical and emotional pain and suffering, emotional distress damages in some case, for any permanent disability, scarring and dismemberment, an inability to function as a whole person, even wrongful death and others. Our bicycle accident lawyer can answer this question in much greater detail. The more permanent and significant the injuries and damages the more your claim or case may be worth assuming there is adequate insurance coverage.