What kinds of injuries do auto accidents cause?

In this video, Sevenish Law answers the question: What kinds of injuries do auto accidents cause? Car crashes can cause any type of injury, from minor cuts and bruises to death or permanent disability. Because most accidents are minor, most people survive them without any permanent effect. Some of these are known as "soft-tissue" injuries but even though "soft-tissue" symptoms can continue anywhere from a few weeks to years and years to lifetime and anywhere in between on a case by case basis. But the most serious accidents can kill their victims or cause catastrophic injuries, including severe burns, scarring, bones fractures, dismemberment, brain damage with changes of personality and spinal cord damage resulting in partial to complete paralysis of body parts depending upon the location of the damage on the spinal cord. These are devastating disabilities that radically change victims' lives and may cost millions of dollars to treat over a lifetime not to mention permanently changing personal and family relationships in result.